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Spring 2021

Office: Blackboard
Email: jaydaigle@gwu.edu

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As a teacher I have two goals: to help my students develop specific mathematical knowledge, and to help them become clear and effective writers and thinkers. Math is a language as well as a body of facts, and the ability to make convincing and easily-understood arguments is more important than any specific theorem or technique I might cover in class. If you’d like more information about my thoughts on teaching, you can read my teaching statement or just look at some of the material below from classes I’ve taught.

Current Teaching:

I am currently (Spring 2021) teaching section 11 of Math 1232: Single-Variable Calculus II, and section 10 of Math 4981: Cryptography.

Office Hours:

My office hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 3-4, and Thursday 2-3.

Past Teaching

At The George Washington University

At Occidental College

At the California Institute of Technology