Math 2233: Multivariable Calculus
Section 11
Fall 2021

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Fall 2021

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Daily Assignments

Tuesday Dec 14, 12:40–2:40 PM: Final Exam

December 9: Divergence Theorem

December 2: Divergence

November 30: Stokes’s Theorem

November 23: Flux Integrals

November 18: Surface Integrals

November 16: Curl and Green’s Theorem

November 11: Midterm

November 9: Conservative Vector Fields

November 4: Line Integrals

November 2: More on Vector Fields

October 28: Change of Variables and Vector Fields

October 26: Parametrized Surfaces

October 21: Calculus of Curves

October 19: Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates

October 14: Multivariable Integration

October 12: Riemann Sums and Integration

October 7: Constrained Optimization

October 5: Midterm 1!

September 30: Global Extrema

September 28: Critical Points and Local Extrema

September 23: The Chain Rule and Second Partials

September 21: The Gradient

September 16: Partial Derivatives and Linear Approximation

September 15: Mastery Quiz due

September 14: The Dot Product and the Cross Product

September 10: Edfinity due

September 9: Vectors and the Dot Product

September 7: Limits and Continuity of Multivariable Functions

September 2: Lines and Planes

August 31: Syllabus and Multivariable Functions

Course Goals

In this course we will extend our theory of calculus to cover functions of multiple variables. We will understand these functions algebraically and geometrically, and learn how to use the tools of differential and integral calculus to further understand them.

Topics will include: 3D graphing, planes, partial derivatives, vectors, directional derivatives, gradients, the chain rule, optimization and Lagrange multipliers, integration, parametrization, vector fields, line and surface integrals, and Green’s, Stokes’s, and the Divergence theorem.

The course syllabus is available here.

Course notes

Mastery Quizzes


  1. Lines and planes
  2. Vector operations
  3. Partial Derivatives and Linear Approximation
  4. Gradient and directional derivatives
  5. Multivariable optimization
  6. Constrained optimization
  7. Multivariable integrals
  8. Integrals in other coordinate systems
  9. Calculus of curves
  10. Integral change of variables
  11. Line integrals
  12. Conservative Vector Fields
  13. Surface integrals
  14. Green’s and Stokes’s theorems
  15. Divergence theorem


Graphing calculators will not be allowed on tests. Scientific, non-programmable calculators will be allowed. I will have some to share, but not enough for everyone.

Edfinity online homework system

We will be using Edfinity for Math 2233-11. To enroll, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you already have an Edfinity account from a previous course, please sign into it. Otherwise, go to step 2.
  2. Go to the following registration link:
  3. You will be prompted to pay (I believe the fee is $25) and enroll in our section.
  4. Start working on your assignments :)


The official textbook for Math 2233 is OpenStax Calculus Volume 3 by Gilbert Strang and Edwin Herman. It is available for free online here. You can also buy copies from Amazon; a paperback is a little under $30.

I will be loosely following the textbook, but will often be giving my own take or focusing on topics the textbook doesn’t emphasize. All my course notes will be posted to the course web page.

This section of Math 2233 will use the Edfinity online homework platform. You will need to buy a license, which I believe is $25.