Math 2184: Linear Algebra I
Section 10
Fall 2020

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Fall 2020

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Daily Assignments

September 17: Matrix Inverses


September 15: Applications of Linear Functions


September 14: Webwork due

September 10: Linear Transformations

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September 8: Solutions and independence of linear systems

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September 3: Vectors and Matrix Equations:

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September 1: Linear Equations and Row Echelon Form

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Course Goals

This is a standard first course in linear algebra. The main topics are: linear equations; matrix algebra and equations; subspaces and bases; vector spaces; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; determinants; orthogonality and least squares. This corresponds to Chapters 1–7 of Lay, Lay, and McDonald.

By the end of the course, students will acquire the following skills and knowledge:

The course syllabus is available here.

Course notes

Mastery Quizzes

The topics for the quizzes are:

  1. Systems of Linear Equations
  2. Vector Equations and Spans
  3. Linear Independence
  4. Linear Transformations


Graphing calculators will not be allowed on tests. Scientific, non-programmable calculators will be allowed. I will have some to share, but not enough for everyone.


The official textbook for Math 2184 is Linear Algebra and its Applications, Fifth Edition, by Lay, Lay, and McDonald (ISBN-13: 978-0321982384). I will be loosely following this book, and it will be very useful to have, but I will not be assigning problems out of it.

Another perfectly fine book is A First Course in Linear Algebra by Rob Beezer, which is available free online.